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Rotodynamic Pumps: Guidelines for NPSH Margin Webinar Session - March 2018 Bundle
Date: March 15, 2018
This NPSH webinar will provide participants with a method to calculate the available NPSH, understand how insufficient NPSHA will affect pump operation and what NPSH margin is needed to ensure good performance longevity to pump equipment.
Water Treatment Plant Pumps Webinar Session - March 2018 - Bundle
Date: March 27 and 29, and April 3 2018
The demand for treated water continues to increase leading requiring water treatment plants to increase efficiency and capacity.  The pump selection and application become critical factors in creating a highly reliable pumping system with high uptime in both rotodynamic and positive displacement pumps.  As the world addresses a growing scarcity of freshwater due to increased consumption, waste, and pollutant contamination, the importance of water treatment systems dramatically increases.
Reliability of Pumping Equipment 2-Part Webinar Series
Dates: April 12 and 17, 2018
This live webinar series provides in-depth instruction on how to improve the reliability of pumps, sub-components, and related equipment, reinforcing how the owner can lower costs while improving safety and productivity.