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Introduction: Learn about the major markets for industrial pumps, typical applications and installations, principles and limitations.
Pump Construction: Learn the major components of centrifugal pumps, identify sub-types of each component and the mechanical similarity of different centrifugal pump types.
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics: Learn the different properties of liquids, Bernoulli's Equation, the Continuity Equation, and the system head curve for a typical pump application
Pump Performance Characteristics: Learn about performance characteristics, effect of pump design variables on pump performance characteristics, maximum attainable efficiency, and system characteristics and variables.
Pump Selection & Applications: Learn about pump selection operating parameters, efficiency, selection graphs, inquiry data sheets, materials of construction, cost implications of operation off BEP, and pump selection tools.
Introduction: Learn about the differences between Positive Displacement (PD) and Rotodynamic pumps. Highlight typical applications by industry and Outline unique requirements for Positive Displacement pumps.
Hydraulic Fundamentals: Learn about Pressure, Flow, Efficiency / Power, Fluid Characteristics, Viscosity and Vapor Pressure.
Rotary Pumps: Learn about the types of pumps and their operating envelopes, selection, sizing and power calculation methods and operating concerns.
Reciprocating Pumps: Learn about the types of reciprocating pumps, pump selection, operating envelope, features, concerns, and typical applications.
Metering Pumps: Learn about types of metering pumps, operating envelopes and concerns, selection, sizing and power calculation methods.