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A centrifugal pump system is made up of many components, each of which plays a critical part in the reliability, operability, and efficiency of the overall system.  At the heart of the system are the drive, motor, and pump. Together, these three components have the greatest impact on the overall efficiency and reliability of the system. 

Pumping systems that use variable frequency drives (VFDs) have become a common choice for industrial applications. Proper selection and application of a pumping system requires a strong working knowledge of the overall system in order to achieve a reliable, efficient installation. Centrifugal pumping systems that are not selected, applied, and installed properly can result in premature failure of the motor, drive, and/or pump, leading to costly down time, lost production, and negative effects on bottom-line profit. 

This two-part webinar will provide the participant with the basic skills needed to identify applications that are appropriate for variable speed pumping. It will also provide the skills and knowledge necessary for selecting and specifying the best drive, motor, and pump for the system requirements. 

The webinar series will cover the following topics: friction and static pumping systems; when (and when not) to use variable speed pumping; AC induction motor design; selection and application for variable speed service; and implications for pumps used in variable speed applications.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how an AC induction motor operates
  • Understand how a motor reacts to the overall pumping system
  • Understand how a variable frequency drive impacts the overall system
  • Understand how the pump motor and drive together react to the overall system
  • Understand how the pump functions within the system



  • AC induction motor basics
  • Rotodynamic pumping principals
  • Pump and system curves
  • Best efficiency point
  • Impact of off-design operation
  • Variable frequency drive operating principals
  • Application considerations for VFDs

• Pump/Motor load types

  • Variable torque load
  • Constant torque loads
  • Constant horsepower loads
  • Installation considerations for VFDs
    • Electrical system grounding
    • Grounding considerations
    • Grounding of control system
    • Grounding of motor
    • System problems
      • Vibration
      • Water hammer
      • Motor issues
      • Windings
      • Bearings

**Please note that each individual registration counts as a seat is for 1 person, and not intended to be viewed as a group. Group pricing rates are available - please contact Kaitlyn Reynolds at kreynolds@pumps.org for details. Also please be advised that PDH credits are only available for registered participants of the live session.

Date(s): August 22nd and 24th
Time: 1:00 - 2:00pm ET
Presenter(s): William Livoti
HI Contact: Kaitlyn Reynolds, Hydraulic Institute, 973.267.9700 x1121


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