Item #: NPSH-2016A-BUNDLE
Price: $149.00
NPSH Webinar - Education Bundle
  • Rotodynamic Pumps: Guidelines for NPSH Margin Webinar Session - February 2016 PK - ($109.00)
  • Rotodynamic Pumps Guideline for NPSH Margin (ANSI/HI 9.6.1-2012 - secure PDF) Educational Bundle Version - ($40.00)


The Hydraulic Institute has collaborated with Bruce A. Ticknor III, Director of Engineering, National Pump Company, and associated HI committee members to launch a new technical webinar program that focuses on NPSH and its relationship to cavitation and other pump operation.  No end user or pump supplier wants to experience the issues associated with lack of NPSH such as increased noise and vibration due to cavitation, beginning of head or efficiency drop, and eventual damage to pump impeller or casing. 

This NPSH webinar will provide participants with a method to calculate the available NPSH, understand how insufficient NPSHA will affect pump operation and what NPSH margin is needed to ensure good performance longevity to pump equipment.

Date(s): Tuesday, Februaury 9, 2016
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm ET
Presenter(s): Bruce Ticknor, III, P.E., Director of Engineering, National Pump Company
HI Contact: Andrea Kucker, Hydraulic Institute, 973.267.9700 x202


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