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Scope of Standard: ANSI/HI 11.6 outlines what constitutes an acceptable test for submersible pumps driven by induction motors. Tests will verify the initial performance of new pumps as well as repeatability of production units. Requirements for flow, head and efficiency will be addressed as well as optional hydrostatic, Net Positive Suction Head, submersible motor integrity and vibration tests. Information in this standard may be applied to pumps of any size and to any pumped liquids behaving as clean cold water. Rotodynamic submersible pump addressed include:

  • Semi-permanent/pull-up/wet-pit types
  • Dry-pit/dry-installed types
  • Portable/flexible discharge types
  • Chopper/cutter/grinder types

What You Will Learn/Overall Benefits:

  • Test lab managers will learn how to set up a test lab and conduct acceptance testing on rotodynamic submersible pumps
  • End users will learn about the different types of pump tests and what constitutes an acceptable test for their application

Applicable Markets:  Pulp and paper, mining, wastewater as well as any industrial or residential application that must submerge a pump at the bottom of a well or chamber to pump out fluid or other viscous material.

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ISBN: 1-880952-88-7
Pages: 64
Approval Date: 2012
Table of Contents: View in PDF format
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Content: Review model tests, sample problems and formulas covering three levels of acceptance tests: grade 1 with tighter tolerance band that can be applied in three acceptance grades (1U, 1E, and 1B); grade 2 with a broader tolerance band can be applied in two acceptance grades (2B and 2U); and grade three (3B) with an even broader tolerance band. Acceptance grades 1U and 2U allow no negative tolerance. When acceptance test grade or tolerance band is not specified, this standard includes default acceptance grades based on specific applications and driver rated power.

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Who Should Buy This Standard:  Test lab managers who must know how to set up labs for pump testing, determine instrumentation needed for testing and record test data to show results. End users and OEMs who need to understand what test tolerances are necessary for their application. 


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