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Item #: VSDOD2014
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Significant reliability improvements can be achieved using Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) in pump systems. This series covers how VSDs can be used to accommodate duty cycles with variable flow and head as well as applications to avoid. Topics include energy optimization, life cycle reduction, single-phase to three-phase power conversion, and inrush current reduction. Advance registration is required for the series or single sessions. For more information about the series please contact Lori Siegfried, Marketing & Events Coordinator, Hydraulic Institute, at 973.267.9700 x112 or lsiegfried@Pumps.org.

This On-Demand Variable Speed Drives Webinar Series includes the following sessions:

  • Session 1: Intro to VSDs 101
  • Session 2: Variable Speed Drives: Application & Installation Considerations
  • Session 3: Variable Speed Drives: Protection for VFD and Proper Output
  • Session 4: Variable Speed Drives: Troubleshooting Problems with VFDs

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour, Audio broadcast will be via your computer speakers.



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