Secure PDF Format



ANSI/HI Pump Standards and selected guidebooks are encrypted for security purposes.  They are sold as a single-user license and may not be installed in a shared environment such as a network server or corporate Intranet.  They are intended for use by one individual.  If you have any questions about the license agreement, a copy is available at

The files are directly downloadable from the HI e-Store and require either Adobe® Acrobat® or Adobe® Reader® to view.  Once downloaded, they require a one-time authorization in order to open.  Authorization requires the download and installation of an Adobe-approved plug-in by FileOpen Systems, Inc.  Detailed instructions explaining the download and authorization procedure are provided upon purchase.  You must be logged on to the Internet during the authorization.  Once authorized, Internet access is not required in order to access the file.  Permissions allow you to print and annotate the files.

Each secure PDF has a unique 10-character license key.  You will be provided with your license key when you purchase the PDF.  It is very important that you keep your license key in a safe place because it will be needed if you should ever want to move the PDF to another computer.


Transferring a secure PDF from one computer to another is a 3-step process - Unlock - Transfer - Authorize.  The Unlock step is performed on the old computer and the Authorize step is performed on the new computer. If the file has never been authorized in its current location there is no need to perform the Unlock step.




  1. Log in to the machine where the file is currently installed and authorized.
  2. Click on the appropriate link from the following: 
  3. Enter your license key and click "Unlock". 
  4. A pdf opens and confirms the removal of the authorization.


  1. Copy the file from its existing location or send to the new computer by email attachment.
  2. Log in to the new computer.
  3. Paste the file to its new location.
  4. Please move to step 5 if you already have Adobe® Reader® 5.0 or higher; otherwise download the latest version for free at
  5. Download the free Adobe-approved plug-in at .
If you do not have administrative privileges on your new computer, Transfer steps 1 through 5 may be completed by your IT department using their administrative login.


  1. Be sure you are logged in to your computer with the login and password of the individual who will be using the pdf file.
  2. Click to open the file and a pop-up box will appear.
  3. Enter your license key and your email address and click "Authorize".

Contact HI Technical Support at (973) 267-9700 ext. 118 or