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TOPIC: This introductory webinar will address the issue of resonance, and review the importance of the ANSI/HI 9.6.8 Rotodynamic Pumps – Guidelines for Dynamics of Pumping Machinery, which provides a methodology to assess uncertainty and risk factors that increase the chance of resonant vibration.  Additionally the types and levels of dynamic analysis, and standard specification language that can be used will be covered.

Vibration caused by resonance is an industry problem for new and retrofit applications that persists due to lack of specification and upfront analysis.  To limit the chances of resonant vibration, dynamic analysis of the structure and rotating assembly to evaluate structural, rotor lateral and rotor torsional frequencies is done when the pump installation “warrants” it.  However, dynamic analyses take time, require expertise, and cost money: It is not always clear when a pump is purchased if the installation warrants the expense of analysis.  Furthermore, the purchaser may not know what type and levels of dynamic analysis should be specified. This results in poor specification, missed specification or specification of analysis when it is not needed.

ANSI/HI 9.6.8 Rotodynamic Pumps – Guidelines for Dynamics of Pumping Machinery is the first American National Standard to cover this topic; it defines the types and levels of analysis, provides methods to evaluate the risk and uncertainty of a pump installation to understand when analysis is warranted, and provides standard specification template to aid the user.

  • Forced vibration and resonance
  • Types and levels of dynamic analysis
  • Risk and uncertainty factors the increase the chance of and impact of resonance
  • Methods to determine the appropriate type and level of dynamic analysis to specify
  • How to specify dynamic analysis

AUDIENCE: This presentation is ideal for those who are looking to expand their knowledge on the methods and benefits of dynamic analysis. 

The webinar will last approximately 45 minutes with 15 minutes allowed for Q&A. Participants of the live sessions will earn one (1) PDH credit.

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Date(s): October 5, 2021
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM (EST)
Presenter(s): Peter Gaydon (Hydraulic Institute) and Paul Boyadjis (Mechanical Solutions Inc.)
HI Contact: training@pumps.org


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