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The ability to produce complex shapes economically, especially with internal features has made castings a fundamental supplier of pump bodies and impellers since the beginning of the industrial age. Any component can fail due to product abuse, design limitations, poor choice of material, component quality or unexpected service conditions. Castings also fail in service, in structural applications due to excess loads or repeated loads generating fatigue failures. In pump applications, castings can break, leak or corrode and fail in service. While castings share many attributes with other components used in pump manufacture and suffer from similar failures for similar reasons, there are some unique casting attributes that can limit or provide a benefit in service.

This session will concentrate on these unique attributes that may limit performance or result in failure when using castings. Some notable issues will be covered but this subject is vast and particular to each industry segment and will not be able to provide a comprehensive view of casting failures in pump applications. It should provide a basis for a better understanding of the use and potential failures of castings and allow a more knowledgeable analysis of failures that do occur. Hopefully it will also equip participants with information necessary to avoid some notable casting problems.

Date(s): June 23, 2021
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM (ET)
Presenter(s): Raymond Monroe, Executive Vice President, Steel Founders Society of America
HI Contact: 973.267.9700 or support@pumps.org


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