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As COVID-19 and its physical and economic impacts reshape industrial and commercial pumps systems operators are looking at how to most efficiently run existing commercial and industrial spaces that may be used very differently in the future. Not knowing what a post-pandemic world looks like, many companies have already given their employees the option of working from home permanently. Others are proposing a mixed office and home schedule. Retailers may continue limiting the number of customers to ensure safety. While there are many uncertainties, it’s a safe bet that many commercial buildings could have far fewer daily occupants even after the pandemic subsides.

This first of its kind analysis showing major energy and cost savings potential of power drive systems (PDS) when applied to commercial /industrial pumps.

The new research led by the National Electric Manufacturers Association and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance shows a 43 percent drop in energy use when PDS are used with variable speed flow and a more than 20 percent drop when used with constant speed – an opportunity for owners and operators of commercial/industrial facilities to dramatically cut their energy spending.

This analysis is the first to provide energy savings data on the use of PDS with constant load speeds. PDS is the combination of an electric motor, speed controls and sensors that provide feedback to the equipment allowing the equipment to manage flow and reduce power usage. The use of PDS technology has been growing over the years, but most often with variable speed systems. Industry experts believe the lack of real time data about the effect of PDS on a pump serving a constant load has kept installers and operators from seeing the true benefit. This research changes that.

With motor driven products like pumps, fans and compressors using up about 25 percent of all commercial energy – the greater the use of PDS, the more energy and money saved. This analysis is even more important as the country slowly returns from remote work and prepares for the post-COVID world, a world which will likely include fewer occupants and therefore lower energy demand in what were once daily, packed commercial buildings.  

The authors will be joining you for Q & A after the presentation.

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Date(s): October 29, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ET
Presenter(s): Nate Baker and Sarah Widder
HI Contact: 973.267.9700 or training@pumps.org


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