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Water Treatment Plant Pumps: Guidelines for Selection, Application and Operation
Access to clean water is essential to sustain and provide for the continued development of the world’s population and its economic growth. One of the most urgent concerns today is locating, treating, and conveying sufficient supplies of clean water to meet the needs of our communities and protect public health. Strategies for treatment and conveyance of water continue to evolve, along with engineering and technological developments and the need for new water supplies.
Pump Systems Assessment: Body of Knowledge
In response to an industry need for a standardized approach to conducting pump system assessments, the Hydraulic Institute (HI) has developed the Pump Systems Assessment: Body of Knowledge (PSABOK). Developed by subject matter experts and industry leaders, HI has collected and harmonized the various factors that comprises a pump system assessment into a comprehensive and easy to understand guide.
Pump System Optimization Guidebook (PSO)
This guidebook is intended to assist those who need to understand details of pump system optimization coupled with important capital equipment decisions. It presents practical information for those who have not had broad exposure to pumping systems and for those who wish to improve the systems for which they are responsible. The ultimate goal of this guidebook is to educate those designing pumps and the systems in which the pumps are applied to minimize energy consumption while maximizing reliability with consideration of the associated life cycle costs.
Flexible Couplings Basics
This document provides a technical guideline on flexible couplings used in pump applications. It provides a basic understanding of the various coupling types, information required to make basic coupling selections based on system requirements, and a general understanding of the installation and maintenance practices associated with each type of coupling.
Application Guideline for Variable Speed Pumping
This guideline has been created to provide pump industry professionals and the end user operators of pumps with the knowledge required to apply variable speed pumping so that it will result in improved energy efficiency and increased reliability. This intension of this guidebook is to educate the pumping industry and to ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the pumping equipment we all depend on every day.
Reliability of Pumping Equipment: Guidelines for Maximizing Uptime, Availability, and Reliability
The objective of this document is to provide a technical guideline on ways of improving and maintaining the reliability of rotodynamic pumping equipment. The document provides an insight into the factors that affect reliability, what reliability should be expected, approaches to monitoring reliability, and ways of improving it. Learn more...
Wastewater Treatment Plant Pumps: Guidelines for Selection, Application, and Operation
This guidebook is intended to assist in the understanding of the general layout, components, and operation of a typical wastewater treatment plant. The intention is to provide the guidance necessary to select pump types, pump materials, and auxiliary components so the pumping system performs effectively, efficiently, and reliably in the various plant operations. Learn more...
Variable Frequency Drives: Guidelines for Application, Installation, and Troubleshooting
A new guide for the pump industry, Variable Frequency Drives: Guidelines for Application, Installation, and Troubleshooting describes how VFDs can help reduce energy consumption, increase the reliability and life of pumping systems, and generate significant cost savings.
Power Plant Pumps: Guidelines for Application and Operation to Maximize Uptime, Availability, and Reliability
A one-of-a-kind guide exclusively for the application and operation of pumps in combined-cycle power plant service.
Mechanical Seals for Pumps: Application Guidelines
Comprehensive and authoritative reference book that is must reading for all engineers, pump and seal professionals, end users, consulting engineers, distributors, and pump OEMs.
Pump Life Cycle Costs: A Guide to LCC Analysis for Pumping Systems
The Industry’s most complete and up-to-date Life Cycle Cost Guide for pumping systems.
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