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Industry Partner Applicants:

This is a one-year term in the Industry Partner Program.  As your annual renewal date approaches you will receive automated reminders to renew your partnership with HI.  We appreciate your interest in the program and look forward to working with you on behalf of pump users worldwide.

By completing this purchase you acknowledge that you understand and will comply with the program requirements as enumerated below.


Individuals that are employed by engineering firms, provide engineering services, are end-users of pumps, or are retirees may participate as a “Hydraulic Institute Pump Industry Partner”. To be eligible the individual must meet one of the following criteria:

Must provide pump and pumping system engineering, process, or facility design, procurement, project management, construction services, hydraulic or mechanical modeling, analytical methods, or laboratory or field-testing to a facility owner, government, or vendor.

Must be an end-user of pumps.

Must be a retiree.


Individuals employed by corporations that are eligible to join the Hydraulic Institute are not eligible to become HI Pump Industry Partners but are encouraged to apply for membership. Individuals employed by companies whose primary business is in the distribution or reselling of pumps or related pumping equipment are not eligible for the Pump Industry Partner Program.


Each Industry Partner must complete a Technical Areas of Expertise Form available for download at www.Pumps.org/IndustryPartner.
Industry Partners are welcome to attend HI conferences and events at HI member prices. Retirees who are Industry Partners attend at reduced rates. Industry Partnership is on an individual basis and does not extend to the Partner’s business colleagues or to the business enterprise where he or she is employed.


I have read and attest that I meet the eligibility requirements as described herein and will comply with the participation guidelines outlined above and in the Membership section of the HI web site (www.Pumps.org). I understand that joining as an HI Pump Industry Partner does not imply membership in the Hydraulic Institute nor does it imply that Industry Partners receive preferential advantage over others in the selection to participate in review and final approval of ANSI/HI standards during the ANSI Canvass Review process. Industry Partners are, however, encouraged to actively participate in HI Committees and attend HI meetings, contributing their unique knowledge and expertise to the drafting and editing of HI standards, guidelines and other educational resources. In submitting this application I agree to abide by the Antitrust Guidelines, the HI Code of Conduct, and all other HI policies and procedures as presently constituted and as may be amended from time to time. Further, I agree not to discredit the products, personnel, activities or policies of the Institute, HI members, associate members, Standards Partners or other Industry or Academic Partners. I understand that failure to comply with the forgoing or any other HI policy or procedure may be sufficient reason for HI to re-evaluate and rescind my Industry Partner status.

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