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Motors, pumps, and drives are the primary components in most pumping systems. This course reviews the basics of and system operation and design, including pump-motor interactions. The user will learn the benefits of variable speed pumping and how to determine when it is (or is not) recommended in a pumping system. The design, selection, and application of motors in pumping systems is also covered.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how the motor reacts to the system under variable frequency drive (VFD) control
  • Be able to properly select a motor for VFD service
  • Understand the impact that motors, pumps, and drives have on the pumping system
  • Understand potential issues that should be considered when applying a VFD
  • Be able to use a system approach to manage motor, pump, and drive operations
  • Be able to make the business case for efficiency and reliability
  • Be familiar with motor construction and designs
  • Understand the relationships between motor torque, voltage, and current, and how these play a role in motor starting
  • Understand the methods of motor starting, including variable speed drives
  • Be familiar with the considerations when selecting an AC motor and associated equipment for a pumping application, including load considerations
  • Understand the importance of motor insulation and grounding

Be familiar with electrical factors that can damage motors and insulation

Please note, you have 2 days from the first day of access to complete the viewing of this on-demand webinar series.

Time: Runs Approximately 120 Minutes
Presenter(s): William C. Livoti
HI Contact: 973.267.9700 or training@pumps.org


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