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This webinar will cover the definition, measurement and calculation of pump total head (H) and net positive suction head available (NPSHA).  The instructor will review pressure (absolute, atmospheric, gauge, vapor, etc.) and how head is calculated based on pressure measurement and the liquid’s density.  All aspects of calculating total suction head (hs), total suction head absolute (hs,a), and total discharge head (hd) for the purpose of calculating total pump head (H) and NPSHA.  Five calculation examples are presented that illustrate the difference in calculations for wet-pit, closed systems, and various locations of the pressure measurement.

Key learning objectives to take away are:

  • Understand pressure
    • absolute
    • atmospheric
    • gauge
    • vapor
    • pump inlet
    • pump outlet
  • Pressure profile through a pump
  • Calculation of suction head, discharge head and total pump head for various installation and measurement examples
  • Calculation of Net positive Suction Head Available (NPSHA) for various installation and measurement examples


Presenter(s): Barry Jongsma, Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis
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