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U.S. DOE Energy Conservation Standard & Test Procedure Metrics & Calculations: 1-Part On-Demand Webinar
This webinar covers the five options to calculate the performance metrics outlined in the DOE Energy Conservations Standard & Test Procedure for C&I Clean Water Pumps.
Rotodynamic Pumps for Vibration Measurement & Allowable Values On-Demand Webinar
This webinar discusses critical measurements made on non-rotating components of rotodynamic pumps, including maximum allowable vibration values and acceptance tests.
Motor Considerations for Eddy Current Drives: 1-Part On-Demand Webinar
This webinar discusses eddy current drives for variable speed pumping applications, as well as the history of the technology, theory of operation, and basic application considerations.
Fundamentals of Expansion Joints and How They Interrelate with Pump Piping and Nozzle Loads: 1-Part On-Demand Webinar
This introductory course focuses on the design, selection and application of rubber and metal expansion joints, including restrained and unrestrained arrangements.

Rotodynamic Pumps: Guidelines for NPSH Margin 1-Part On-Demand Webinar
In this webinar you will learn how to calculate the available NPSH to the pump, what the pump requires, and important terminology such as NPSHR, NPSHA, NPSH3, NPSH, Margin, and suction specific speed.
Fundamentals of Hydraulic Flow Modeling: 1-Part On-Demand Webinar
In this webinar, you will learn the benefits of using hydraulic modeling software, what hydraulic modeling can and can’t tell you, and the software that is used.
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Amendment 16 Update: On-Demand Webinar
This webinar discusses Amendment 16, the new energy efficiency requirements for commercial and industrial pumps in Canada.
Explaining Hydraulic Institute Standards: 1-Part On-Demand Webinar
This webinar discusses how HI creates standards and guidelines, an overview of the numbering scheme used, and an introduction into the numerous standards and guidelines that are published by HI.
Pump Systems Assessment Certification and Case Studies: 1-Part On-Demand Webinar
This free on-demand webinar will introduce participants to the Pump Systems Assessment Professional (PSAP) certification and will present case studies on pump system assessments.
Introduction to Rotodynamic Pumps: 1-Part On-Demand Webinar
This webinar discusses what a rotodynamic pump is, the classifications of rotodynamic pumps and where they are used. In addition it discusses different types of rotodynamic pumps, and review the AMSI/HI 14.1-14.2-2019 Rotodyanmic Pumps for Nomenclature and Definitions.
Pump System Assessment Professional (PSAP) Certification Overview: 1 Part On-Demand Webinar
This webinar discusses the importance of pump systems assessments, the eligibility requirements and application process for the PSAP, and resources to study for the certification exam.
Condition Monitoring for Rotodynamic Pumps: 2-Part On-Demand Webinar
 The course covers proper monitoring practices and typical indicators to monitor in a pumping system. The attendee will learn methods for anticipating failures and how to identify failure modes and causes when they occur. Vibration monitoring is also covered in detail.
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