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Water Treatment Plant Pumps - 3-Part On-Demand Webinar Session

The world is dealing with the scarcity of fresh water due a multitude of factors, including a lack of rainfall and limited fresh water natural resources, increasing global population and water consumption, wasteful usage of water, and pollution and contamination of raw water sources. The purpose of water treatment system operations is to provide for the controlled removal of solids and other contaminants and to disinfect water constituents for safe use and human consumption. This course includes an explanation of water treatment plant operations and introduces the Pump Selection Guide Chart, which provides a step-by-step process for selecting pumps for each application in a water treatment plant. The Water Treatment Process Flow Diagram is also introduced, identifying a wide variety of pumping applications and processes and the types of pumps suitable for each. Finally, pumping system accessories – seals, pump motor controls, motors, and starting methods – which are integral to pumping operation, are discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the objectives of water treatment plants and the purpose of water treatment system operations
  • Understand and apply the considerations that apply to pumps used in water treatment applications
  • Identify pumping applications in a water treatment plant and the types of pumps that are suitable for each application
  • Apply the 11-step Pump Selection Guide Chart for water treatment pumps
  • Understand the flow streams and pumping applications shown in the Water Treatment Flow Diagrams

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