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P•SMART is a collaboration between the Hydraulic Institute and Engineered Software, Inc. P•SMART may be used as a system simulation tool to help you better understand the interaction between the pump and the complete hydraulic network.

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Software overview:

P•SMART is an easy to use, hydraulic simulation tool.  Its unique value is to help engineers visualized the interaction of different components with the overall hydraulic system by utilizing Hydraulic Institute Standards, Darcy Equation, Bernoulli’s Equation, Kirchhoff’s Laws of node analysis, equations found in the Crane Technical Paper No. 410 (TP-410) and many other industry recognized standards.

Additional value is achieved by utilizing P•SMART for understanding Pump Affinity Laws, the viscosity correction pump curve equations, pump cavitation analysis, and pump energy optimization analysis.  Engineers can also use P•SMART to size pump, pipeline, control valves and orifices.  Multiple operating scenarios can be simulated to analysis operational case studies.  Lastly, P•SMART has many reports that can be generated to share the hydraulic simulations with colleagues.

How P•SMART helps you in your job?

P•SMART helps you in your job by processing the mathematical hydraulic analysis equations and displaying the results in formats that make sense to the way you operate.  P•SMART allows you to fine-tune your model to real-time plant operations.  With an accurate model, you can make the best decisions associated with your pipeline system.

A great aid to help you better understand your pipeline system are the ability to see error messages.  Error messages help to identify when a pump is running off the curve, cavitating, operation below minimum flow rate, reverse flow, and or operating at subpar safety related conditions.  

How to use P•SMART?

P•SMART utilizes an easy-to-use graph interface that allow you to drag and drop devices on to a FLO-Sheet.  Next, the devices are linked together with pipelines.  Lastly, static conditions like fluid properties, pipeline properties, elevations, and other variables are added to all the devices. By clicking on the calculator tool button, the calculated results are presented on the FLO-Sheet, in the Property Grid, in the List View, in graphs and in multiple reports.


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