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This course provides an overview of the power generation industry and details the different power plant configurations. It explains the process and considerations involved in selecting pumps for boiler feed, condensate, circulating water, and service water applications in power plants. Methods for installation and troubleshooting of pumps and pumping systems in power plant applications is also covered.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the drivers – government, environmental, and financial – of the power generation industry and the challenges the industry faces
  • Understand the drivers and methods for achieving higher efficiency from power plant operations
  • Be familiar with the different types of power plants and their basic operation
  • Understand the differences between base load, intermediate load, and peak load power plants
  • Be familiar with how specific speed and NPSH requirements affect the selection and performance of power plant pumps
  • Understand the process and considerations for selecting boiler feed, condensate, circulating water, and service water pumps for power plant applications
  • Understand how and when chemical metering pumps are used in power plant applications
  • Understand heat rate and how it relates to power plant efficiency
  • Be able to calculate heat rate and recognize how pump operation affects heat rate
  • Be familiar with the Hydraulic Institute’s Valve Tool and how it can be used for power plant applications
  • Understand the motor reed critical frequency (RCF) and RCF test guidelines
  • Understand how to determine motor load and efficiency and how these affect heat rate and system efficiency
  • Be familiar with the styles of vertical pumps used in power plants and the factors that affect their reliability
  • Understand installation issues for circulating water pumps in power plants
  • Understand the considerations for selection of horizontal pumps in power plants
  • Be familiar with auxiliary service pumping applications (screen wash, aux cooling, chemical metering, etc.) and the considerations for each type of service
  • Understand the methods for mitigating risk in power generation pumping systems
Please note, you have 3 days from the first day of access to complete the viewing of this on-demand webinar series.
Time: Runs Approximately 203 Minutes
Presenter(s): William C. Livoti, Senior Engineer and Trainer
HI Contact: training@pumps.org


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