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Calculator Tool Overview: The Pump Savings Calculator is a tool that allows a user to calculate Life Cycle Energy and Cost Savings associated with a specific pump installation, incorporating impacts beyond Energy Savings and Pump Cost. It also calculates the energy savings and incremental cost increase for different Energy Ratings available for a specific pump. It also estimates the impact of a variable speed control if installed on a constant speed pump.

The calculator is a macro-enabled excel tool that is designed for users to calculate the difference in Life Cycle Costs associated with purchasing and installing efficient pumping systems, when compared to an installation with a lower Energy Rating (ER). The tool walks the user through the calculation process for site-specific energy savings and general energy savings. For more information about this tool, please contact Pete Gaydon, Technical Director, Hydraulic Institute at or by calling 973.267.9700 x1191.

Watch an introductory video on the tool here.

Version History Notes

  • Version 1.0.0 - Initial version of the calculator tool.

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