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NPSH margin ensures the pump meets the requirements for reliable operation. This course discusses the benefits to pump longevity when the NPSHA is greater than the NPSHR by a suitable margin and suggests margins for specific applications. Covered in this course are rotodynamic general purpose pumps with absorbed power levels up to 4 MW (5300 hp) and impeller inlet tip speeds less than 40 m/s (130 ft/s).

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how NPSH, NPSHR, NPSHA, and NPSH3 are related and the differences between them
  • Be able to calculate NPSHA, NPSH margin ratio, and NPSH margin
  • Understand and apply the methods for determining NPSH3
  • Understand and apply the methods for determining NPSHR
  • Understand the factors that affect NPSH margin
  • Be familiar with application-specific considerations that relate to NPSH margin (petroleum/hydrocarbon service, chemical processing, etc.)

 Please note, you have 1 day from the first day of access to complete the viewing of this on-demand webinar.

Time: 60 minute run time
Presenter(s): Bruce Ticknor, III, P.E., Director of Engineering, National Pump Company
HI Contact: 973.267.9700 or training@pumps.org


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