ANSI/HI Pump Standards are available in both hardcopy and secure PDF formats. Secure PDFs are immediately downloadable and incur no shipping or handling charges. Standards in this format are a single user license and require a one-time authorization using an Adobe-approved plug-in from FileOpen Systems.
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Controlled-Volume Metering Pumps (ANSI/HI 7.1-7.5-2017 - secure PDF)
Scope: ANSI/HI 7.1-7.5 offers a basic educational overview on controlled-volume metering pumps, design and application considerations in choosing the right pump for a specific industry use as well as pump operating and maintenance procedures.
Controlled-Volume Metering Pumps for Test (ANSI/HI 7.6-2018 - secure PDF)
Scope: The ANSI/HI 7.6 standard provides detailed procedures for controlled-volume metering pump performance testing along with an optional NPSH test.
Controlled Volume Metering Pump Piping Guideline (ANSI/HI 7.8-2016 - secure PDF)

Scope: ANSI/HI 7.8 provides piping and accessory requirements used in the installation of metering pumps, and to educate users about the effects and interactions of inlet (suction) and outlet (discharge) piping on metering system performance.

Pumps - General Guidelines (ANSI/HI 9.1-9.5-2021 - secure PDF)
Scope: ANSI/HI 9.1-9.5 provides general guidelines on how to measure sound levels and decontaminate returned part pumps for a large variety of positive displacement and kinetic pumps.