These centrifugal pump standards, developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers,are sold through the Hydraulic Institute in secure PDF format.
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ASME EA-1 - 2009 Energy Assessment for Process Heating Systems (Secure PDF)
This Standard covers process heating systems that are defined as a group (or a set, or combination) of heating equipment used for heating materials in the production of goods in an industrial plant.
ASME EA-2 - 2009 Energy Assessment for Pumping Systems (Secure PDF)
This Standard covers pumping systems, which are defined as one or more pumps and those interacting or interrelating elements that together accomplish the task of moving fluid.
ASME EA-2G - 2010 Guidance for ASME EA-2 (Secure PDF)
This guidance document provides an application guide on how to utilize ASME EA-2, Energy Assessment for Pumping Systems.
ASME EA-3 - 2009 Energy Assessment for Steam Systems (Secure PDF)
This Standard covers steam systems that are defined as a system containing steam generator(s) or other steam source(s), a steam distribution network and end-use equipment.