• Sealless, Magnetically Driven Rotary Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions, Application, Operation, and Test (ANSI/HI 4.1-4.6-2017)

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Scope of Standard: This standard covers the unique features of sealless, magnetically driven rotary pumps and includes sections on types and nomenclature; definitions; design and applications; installation, operation, and maintenance; and test. Because of the variety of rotary pump configurations available and the broad range of applications, familiarization with Hydraulic Institute Standards ANSI/HI 3.1–3.5 Rotary Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions, Application and Operation and ANSI/HI 3.6 Rotary Pump Tests is recommended.

New Content in 2017 Version:

  • Added detail on how magnets are affected by temperature
  • Added the close coupled gear type mag-drive pump
  • Harmonized the standard with 3.1-3.5 and 3.6
  • Added additional cautions to warn the user of potential hazards unique to Mag drive pumps
  • Clarified the objective and requirements for the torque confirmation test
  • Updated the reference material and societies
ISBN: 978-1-935762-66-9
Pages: 39
Approval Date: 2017
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Content: Detailed diagram of pump components, nomenclature, definitions, basic pump design, guidelines for applications, environmental considerations, life cycle cost evaluation, selection guideline, proper installation, operation, maintenance and tests including procedures and acceptance criteria.

Hot Link to TOC: http://www.pumps.org/estore/stdi/4.1-4.6b.pdf

Who Should Buy This Standard: Engineers and consulting companies looking to gain a basic understanding of sealless, magnetically driven rotary pumps as well as specifiers and application engineers who must understand how to choose the right pump for an application to get the best performance.


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