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Rotary Pump Tests (ANSI/HI 3.6-2016 - secure PDF)
Scope: ANSI/HI 3.6 provides detailed procedures on what is required in a hydrostatic test as well as four types of performance tests that can be conducted on rotary pumps
Sealless Magnetically Driven Rotary Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions, Application, Operation, and Test (ANSI/HI 4.1-4.6-2017 - secure PDF)
Scope: ANSI/HI 4.1-4.6 covers the unique features of sealless, magnetically driven rotary pumps and includes sections on types and nomenclature; definitions; design and applications; installation, operation, and maintenance; and test.
Rotary Pumps - Guidelines for Condition Monitoring (ANSI/HI 9.6.9-2018 - Secure PDF)
Scope: This guideline is for rotary pumps, including both sealed and sealless pump designs as stated in each section.
Proper Lubrication Methods for Bearings White Paper - 2019 (PDF Download)

Scope: Horizontal bearing housings designed for oil and grease lubrication of rolling and sleeve-element bearings. The bearing housing system includes bearings, bearing retention, lubrication, lubricant application, lubri­cant containment, and lubricant quality control.

Rotary Pumps for Nomenclature, Definitions, Application and Operation (ANSI/HI 3.1-3.5-2021 - secure PDF)
Scope: ANSI/HI 3.1–3.5. offers a basic educational overview on rotary pumps, design and application considerations related to the selection of the right rotary pump for a specific industry use as well as the installation, maintenance and operating procedures.
Pumps - General Guidelines (ANSI/HI 9.1-9.5-2021 - secure PDF)
Scope: ANSI/HI 9.1-9.5 provides general guidelines on how to measure sound levels and decontaminate returned part pumps for a large variety of positive displacement and kinetic pumps.