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Proper Lubrication Methods for Bearings White Paper - 2019 (PDF Download)

Scope: Horizontal bearing housings designed for oil and grease lubrication of rolling and sleeve-element bearings. The bearing housing system includes bearings, bearing retention, lubrication, lubricant application, lubri­cant containment, and lubricant quality control.

Understanding the Effects of Selecting a Pump Performance Test Acceptance Grade White Paper - 2018 (PDF Download)

This paper highlights the importance of selecting the appropriate acceptance grade for pump performance testing to satisfy the needs of its intended service.

Vibration Characteristics of Stationary Engine Driven Rotodynamic Pump Systems White Paper - 2020 (PDF Download)

Scope: Certain pump applications, such as emergency fire pumps, can use diesel engines as drivers. The vibration level of an engine drive is significantly different than that of a typical electric motor drive.