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Upon completion of this webinar a PDH Certificate will be provided for 4 PDH Credits

This course reviews the new Variable Speed Pumping Guidebook and how to use variable speed pumping for more efficient and better controlled pumping. It explains how flow and pressure are controlled with variable speed pumping and when to use each. Also covered are the devices used to achieve variable speed pumping, including variable frequency drives. The attendee will also learn the benefits provided by variable speed pumping, in relation to cost, operation, and energy savings.

Course content covers the following:

Session 1: Pump and System Curves

Instructor: Bob Howbolt, Senior Specialist, Associated Engineering

Session 2: Pump Control Methodology  

Instructor: Zachary Ehley, Product Marketing and Development Manager, Xylem Water Solutions

                 David Mintzlaff, Product Line Manager for Low-Voltage Variable Frequency Drives and Solid                   State Soft Starters, WEG Electric Corp

Session 3: Variable Speed Pumping Technologies

Instructor: Gary Patterson, Pump, Fan, and Compressor Technical Sales Specialist,                                                 Dynamtic/DriveSource, Inc

                 Ken Fonstad, HVAC Sales and Application Support Principle Engineer, ABB

Session 4: Energy Impact, Benefits, and Operation Considerations

Instructor: Ken Fonstad, HVAC Sales and Application Support Principle Engineer, ABB 

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to visualize the interaction between pumping systems and the connected piping systems
  • Understand the relationship between pump behavior and system behavior
  • Be able to use pump and system curves to guide pump selection and control
  • Understand how flow and pressure are controlled by varying speed or impeller trim or by using valves
  • Understand parallel and series pumping principles
  • Understand pump control methods (pressure control, flow control, and level control) and when to use each
  • Understand the open loop and closed loop control principles for variable speed pumping
  • Be familiar with common problems related to variable speed pumping and their causes
  • Understand the devices that are inherently variable speed drivers and how to obtain variable speed from external drivers
  • Understand how variable frequency drives work to control the speed of the motor and provide variable speed pumping 
  • Be familiar with the benefits of variable speed pumping, especially in relation to costs
  • Understand the energy savings that can be achieved with variable speed pumping
  • Understand when to use variable speed pumping and the advantages of using variable frequency drives
Time: approximately 60 minute run time for each session
Presenter(s): Bob Hawboldt, Zachary Ehley, Dave Mintzlaff, Ken Fonstad, Gary Patterson
HI Contact: training@pumps.org


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