ANSI/HI Pump Standards are encrypted for security purposes.  They are sold as a single-user license and may not be installed in a shared environment such as a network server or corporate Intranet.  They are intended for use by one individual.  If you have any questions about the license agreement, a copy is available at www.pumps.org/CD_eula.pdf

The files are available in electronic format and require either Adobe Acrobat or Reader to view.  Once installed, they require a one-time authorization in order to open.  Authorization requires the download and installation of an Adobe-approved plug-in by FileOpen Systems, Inc.  Detailed instructions explaining the download and authorization procedure are provided upon purchase.  You must be logged on to the Internet during the authorization.  Once authorized, Internet access is not required in order to access the file.  Permissions allow you to print and annotate the files.

Each set of standards has a unique 10-character Order ID.  Your Order ID will be displayed when you first purchase the full set of standards and is available at any time online at the HI eStore.  Login, go to My Account > Digital Goods and look for your Order ID in the License Key column next to your purchase of Version 4.0.  You will need your Order ID to authorize your copy of the standards and if you should ever want apply upgrades or move the standards to another computer.


Transferring the standards from one computer to another is a 3-step process - Unauthorize - Uninstall - Install/Authorize Version 4.0.  The Unauthorize and Uninstall steps are performed on the "old" computer and the Install/Authorize step is performed on the "new" computer. If the old computer is not accessible you will need to contact HI Technical Support at Publications@Pumps.org or 973.267.9700 for assistance.

  1. While logged in to the old computer, from the program menu, select Hydraulic Institute>Unauthorize HI Standards.
  2. Enter your Order ID and click "Unauthorize". 
  3. A pdf opens and confirms the removal of the authorization. Close the pdf.
  1. Still logged in to the old computer, from the program menu, select Hydraulic Institute>Uninstall HI Standards
  2. The program will ask you to confirm your intention to uninstall and, if you agree, will remove the program group and icons from your Program Menu and delete the Hydraulic Institute folder from your hard disk.

  Install/Authorize Version 4.0  
  1. Log in to the new computer.
  2. Please move to step 3 if you already have Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher; otherwise download the latest version for free at www.adobe.com.
  3. If you don't have a copy of the installation package download it from your account >Digital Goods at the HI eStore and unzip the contents.
  4. Go to plugin.fileopen.com to install the free Adobe-approved FileOpen plug-in.  NOTE: Adobe Reader/Acrobat must be closed when you install the plug-in.
  5. From the unzipped contents of the installation package double-click on HIstandards4-0.exe to install the standards.
  6. Be sure you are logged in to the new computer with the login and password of the individual who will be using the standards.
  7. Open the standards from either the Programs menu or the desktop icon.
  8. When prompted, enter your Version 4.0 Order ID and your email address and click "Authorize".
  9. The Version 4.0 menu should open.  From here you can access any standard in the set or the master index.
If you do not have administrative privileges on your new computer, Install/Authorize Version 4.0 steps 6 through 10 and  may be completed by your IT department using their administrative login.

Contact HI Technical Support at (973) 267-9700 or Publications@Pumps.org.